Dr. Jill Fegley: "There is still a lot that we don't know," she adds. "We don't know how repeated harvesting year after year impacts the resource, or what happens when you look at the impact of harvesting on a larger scale. The small size of our study areas allows the marine animals to move 'next door', but if larger areas are cut, where are they going to go?" Quoddy Tides, Aug. 2000

VIDEO: Maine's Rockweed Forest

Click for video: Maine's Rockweed Forest

Click for video: Maine's Rockweed Forest

We protect Maine coastal habitat, particularly the underwater rockweed (seaweed) forest.


We are biologists, Maine residents, small business owners, fishermen, and others. 

We believe in the value of protecting coastal habitat for fisheries and wildlife. 


Cobscook Bay, November 2015. 


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Cobscook Bay sunset, November 2015. 

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